Leave Manager

Cloud-based Solution for Leave Management

Leave Manager is a cloud-based solution, which allows easy tracking and management of employee absence and annual leave. The system is fully configurable and suitable for organizations of any type and size. It provides easy administration on the part of senior management and at the same time it is convenient for junior staff with its clear navigation and good visualization of booked leave. Employees can confidently plan days off and receive timely information on the status of requested leave. They can log in and check how much annual leave they are entitled to and what they have taken.

Leave Manager provides staff with meaningful and relevant experiences and includes the following features and functionalities:

  • Leave booking - both paid and unpaid annual leave, made in person by employees or by HR managers and supervisors on behalf of employees.
  • Sick leave registration.
  • Leave status notification – approved or declined.
  • Calculation and visualization of how much leave employees have left to take.
  • Cancellation of already approved bookings with leave refund functionality.

Managing annual leave can be a huge challenge for company’s executive team and HR managers. Crossroad’s solution for leave management allows for quality and timely monitoring of available human resources. It optimizes human resource allocation and leave planning which is a key prerequisite for achieving organizational efficiency. An additional module for handling work-from-home requests is about to be integrated into our leave management software. This upgrade is in line with the widespread WFH (Working from Home) model in many international and local companies. Using dedicated system features to request work from home (or remote work) is expected to improve coordination of internal work processes.