Paper Payment Manager

Application for Scanning and Processing Cross-border and Domestic Payment Orders (Including OCR)

Paper Payment Manager is an innovative software product, which digitizes payments and provides opportunity to improve bank transfers – from filling out a pay order to scanning and subsequent order management. It is applicable to bank forms that are either done by hand or are word-processed. The application greatly reduces the time for processing payment orders and optimizes work procedures of bank employees in a way that leads to quality and timely customer service.

The application’s features and functionality include:

  • Management of paper payment orders – from placing an order at a bank counter to scanning and classifying it as well as all subsequent processing of payments.
  • Option for assigning reference numbers to payment orders while scanning them.
  • Support of both automatic and manual classification of payment orders.
  • Support of both automatic and manual data filling.
  • Easy administration by qualified employees.
  • Intuitive navigation and accessible menu for end users.
  • Processing of both domestic and cross-border payments thanks to the two dedicated modules.
  • Use of OCR functionality for automatic text recognition (Cyrillic, Latin, letters and numbers) thus saving processing time.
  • Form optimization for better recognition by OCR.
  • Various reports availability.

The users of Paper Payment Manager can easily scan and process payment forms submitted by bank customers. The fully automated process delivers improved work efficiency and reduces both processing errors and processing time. The product has data archiving and printing features, provides access to history of scanned payments and other documents as well as to change history. The reporting feature offers a number of report types and allows for quality monitoring and effective team management.